e "It's Now"......David Jones!

"It's Now"......David Jones!!!

David Update

Recent information straight from the man himself! Reported by the Women of Wayne's!

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For more information contact www.davyjones.net.

Personal Appearances!

ARCHIVE: During the latter part of August 1997, David was filmed for a guest appearance on the "I WANT TO BE YOUR DAVY JONES" video by the group "Sorethumb." Check out
The Sorethumb Web site
for photos of the shoot!

The video "I Want To Be Your Davy Jones" was available for only $10 (this includes shipping/handling). The ordering info is available on the Sorethumb Web Site.

Monkees Central also has an interview with Sorethumb on this site!

The Official Davy Jones Web Site

is the Official web sit of Davy Jones. There are loads of pages with merchandise, information and photos straight from David Jones. Go check it out!

Please watch David's page for up to date information on his upcoming solo and Monkees tour schedules. Photos - Henry Diltz, Monkees Central & Friends and David Jones collection.

It's Now.........David Jones! is also the home of the "Jones Mafia."
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