All David, All Peter, All Micky, All the Time...

The room you are about to enter is a haven for women who want to talk about all David, all Peter, all Micky, all the time.........

The room was constructed to be an exact replica of the the harem scene in "Head." There are dozens of silk pillows on the floor. There are chaise lounges for Peter, David, (Micky or Mike)if THEY choose to be in attendance.

You may enter through the looking glass - or screen. The room is patrolled by Wayne. We love Wayne...

Rules of Wayne's Room:

Everyone in the room must converse on THE subject - David - Peter - Micky or Mike all the time.

If one does not stay on the subject - Wayne will intervene - or someone will type Wayne.

This little hint will be followed by: Excuse Me! What does this have to do with (Peter, David, Micky or Mike)? One will be given a few friendly reminders that we are only here to talk about Peter, David, Micky or Mike.

If one continues to forget, Wayne will bounce you out of the room.

If Wayne is in a good mood, he just might pull up a stool to sit on, whilst contemplating if what he hears has anything to do with Peter, David or Micky.

He might even sing - cause we let him play "Can You Dig It" constantly in the room. Peter does not mind because he is writing.

Be warned if Wayne pulls up a stool, sits, stops playing "Can You Dig It?" takes off his guitar strap AND asks you: "Excuse me - what does this have to do with David, Peter, Micky or Mike?" could be in trouble. If you upset Wayne - you will be asked to leave - we love Wayne.

Another song that might drift into the room is "Daydream Believer." This is the song that is frequently sung by the BOYFRIENDS/HUSBANDS (and FORMER boyfriends/husbands) of the women in the room. These men generally sing whilst on their knees and have been known to beg --- Do not pay any attention to them --- we would rather type, even if the singing is desperate and the gnashing of teeth is heard during the chorus.

The general response to a man in this really embarassing position is, "That donít get it __________ (insert name of man who is begging), Iíd rather type about Peter/David/Micky/Mike."

Most of the women in the room are expert belly dancers. Some do the boogaloo - and wear "Axl who?" buttons.

Many of these women are also members of the Jones Mafia -

Two have "assorted loyalities," in other words, they canít make up their minds.

A few are always found sitting in the lotus position, reading - or chanting from a cereal box. A few also chant Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee.

If you look closely, you might see someone sitting on a chaise eating and wearing sunglasses. They seem to act as if they do not care - but do not be fooled, they do.

There are a few who keep trying to build a gyrocopter in the room - and have to be told to take it outside...

All the women are expert painters. All wear navel jewelry with the color of choice of their ceilings. Here is a list of some of the frequent members of the room and their color of choice...

Can You Dig It II: Frequent Visitors

Pink The Plumber -usually found singing

Beige - The Promoter - wears sunglasses with her harem costume

Pink - SpiderWoman - a loooooong distance web spinner

Pink - The Dancer - a beautiful Gypsy

Beige - The Visitor - loves tea and ww wrestling

Wallpaper- Lost Angel - a long distance traveler

Wallpaper - The Phantom - an invisible muse

???? - Benny the Snitch - she who is constantly getting "Wayned"

Art Decco - Princess Bra Strap - a visitor in training

Wallpaper - The Chameleon - He who visits the room to relieve Wayne so that Wayne can take a nap. He who can change into alter egos when the need arises and has been known to travel thousands of miles to complete his mission. Sometimes known as "PseudoTork"

They can dig it: NEW additions to the room

Pink - The Raven - She who is in charge of the paths as the crow flies - and she who perches wisely and silently absorbing the details...

Pink - Very Pink - You could not get any pinker - (is that a word?) - Gretel - she who totes enormous baskets of goodies to the wolf...uh Hansel... uh Grandma...oh our host - very Gretelly...

Pink - Bambi - she who has learned waaaaaay too much waaaaaaay too fast. She might own Wayne's one day...

Please take a moment to compose yourself - contemplate on the task at hand - and IF you can dig it - enter Wayne's Room. (Note: There will be no eating in Waynes room - with the exception of grapes, which must be peeled and fed to our hosts. The exception to the rule are Spider Woman's "dark" chocolate dipped strawberries - as we are all constantly maintaining. Do you like how we "maintain?" Della? )

PREpare yourselves...

Enter... Wayne's Room...