Reviews by the PLUMBER

Beaver Springs Festival - June 10, 2000

Well the Jones Mafia has struck again.

I met some of my fellow Jones Mafia friends for the trip to Pa. I arrived in Beaver Springs on Friday and met up with some other friends who had already arrived in town. We all hung out and enjoyed the beauty of PA.

It was so HOT!! in the 90's and very humid.

We drove around Beavertown and at night we saw the beautiful colored lights that led us to our destination. I felt like a STAR was shining in the sky and it directed the 3 kings to their destination. However in this case we were the 3 Queens eheheh!!!

We also saw the church where David will have his museum. It's very nice. Beavertown, like Beaver Springs, is avery nice. It almost made me feel like I was in Mayberry. The people were so friendly.

The day of the Beaver Springs Festival was again very HOT AND HUMID. We all reserved our seats by placing car mats from one of my friends car, so we could hold our seats without having to sit out there all day in the sun.

David came in with the band at around 8:15 PM and went right on stage. He put on a great show, told the usual jokes and of course whipped out his breasts again to show everyone what happens to a man once he reaches 50. I just love David's sense of humor.

David sang some of my favorite songs during the show including "Let Me Entertain You," "I Wanna Be Free," "I'll Love you Forever," and some songs from the musical "Oliver!" which was a treat. It was your typical David Jones show, singing and jokes. The man is a great entertainer. The show WAS free, but hey I would pay anytime to see David.

I will say I was very impressed with David. He changed clothes right after the show and SIGNED for OVER 2 hours for EVERYONE. He was so nice, posed for pictures and signed autographs. David had at least 400 people on line after the show. He was still signing until after 11:00 PM. Well done David, you are a true showman.

I look forward to seeing David soon in another show!

MY REVIEW of New York Seminar March 16. 2000

Held here inNew York City, the city that NEVER SLEEPS!!
The Jones Mafia strikes again.

David appeared here at the NY Annex again, this time on March 16, 2000, at a church on 9th Ave. in midtown Manhattan. David drew a nice crowd. There were alot of familar faces I knew at the Seminar. People came from near and far just to see David. The Seminar was the "Official Unveiling" of the new book, Davy Jones: Daydream Believin'

Those of us who pre-ordered the book from a few years ago, had our books waiting there for us. David pre-signed some of them in advance.

I found David to be more down to earth during this appearance than at his last appearance in 1998 at the other NY Seminar. He seemed to be in a more reflective mood. He was telling us about his plans for his new museum and his new CD that should be coming out. He also discussed his life on the whole, personal things concerning marriages, breaking up with a recent girlfriend and what he sees for himself in the future. He did say how he does shoot off his mouth at times, and that he does consider the OTHER 3 MONKEES like brothers. I did agree with David when he said the Monkees are the Monkees ONLY when there are 4 of them.

I, being a fan of David's since I was just a 13 year old kid, still see David as this young boy at heart. So he will be 55, BIG DEAL. He will always be this young man in my eyes. He will always be this little boy I want to hug and tell him don't worry baby I love you. David does not seem to realize how much he means to his fans. We just LOVE HIM. There is no explaination. I would do anything for him. He brings such joy to all of us thru his music, and just being around him, makes us feel wonderful.

David did sign and pose for pictures when the Seminar was over.

After the Seminar, we were in the hotel lobby just coming in from getting a bite to eat, and in walked David and Sandy. David came over to me and my other two friends to say hello and to chat for a couple of minutes.

David sang ONLY HIS SONGS this time, and I was so happy. Well, actually did sing a couple of Beatle songs too, now that I think about it.
In closing I had a great week in NYC. I had some of my friends come in from out of town. I did show them some of the sights of NYC and got a kick out of seeing them freak out with the crazy traffic. Being a native New Yorker and growing up here in the city, I told them ANYTHING GOES.

Coming soon - photos!