Well, thank you! You have continued though the looking glass and are still following the story... although there isn't one...

The Women of Wayne's have now left their host at the Oasis pool and gone back to the tent change costumes - again.

Our Host is still in the skimpy black costume - with his lunch - and the cell phone - planning away.

The women left him to his planning - because we like to constantly be surprised by what the Host will do - and we are NEVER EVER let down and NEVER bored - because you just never know what will be next! We have been watching and listening for over 30 years. We will continue to watch and listen until they remember our names at the Old Folks Home. The Plumber will probably OWN the OLD FOLKS HOME by then so it will be ok - we will start a conspiracy and make sure the muzak is only what we want to hear - and the posters on the wall are of our HOSTS - AND we will wear mismatched socks and incredibly INTERESTING costumes and funny hats and harem suits over our still thin although possibly by then a bit - shall we say - saggy - bodies and dare anyone to say we look different. We will boogie into the light of day...and the dark of night...and finally Monkee Walk into the sunset - together. And Hallelulia - meet Saint Peter at the gate. Ahhhhhhh now that is a thought.

Oh yes we are amusing ourselves again - wasn't it fun?

Ok - the women have on their evening attire - and travel through the desert to gather at the pyramid.

There is a feast planned.

There is a secret meeting planned.

There is a conspiracy afoot...There are no TABLES anywhere - there are attitudes everywhere!

The Plumber and the Promoter have arrived at the Pyramid - to meet the Spider Woman and the Phantom - who went to their tent to construct a banner of greetings for our Host. A banner that can be seen from miles away.

The Plumber and the Promoter cannot find the SW and the PH because they are still at the Oasis - ahem - constructing the banner. We think. Wait a minute. Now just a minute...

The Promoter - who is always planning something - or other - has found the Wayne in charge of this particular Pyramid door. The Promoter has made sure that this Wayne will direct the members to the secret location - a little out of the way place that hardly nobody ever goes - Southeast branch - middle of the room - center table - AND they have Mr. Bob Dovalina paged all over the room.

Finally the members find one another - and all the greetings are exchanged.

There is a southern gentleman and his lovely wife - the one who has the photo of herself and the RIGHT Peter that is so lovely that it causes the beige women to turn green. They are so very nice and everyone welcomes them with open arms.

There is also the one who loves stew and his girlfriend. The one who has just really embarassed us by yelling at the waiter. Even though the waiter told us that to get his attention - stand up - and yell his name at the top of your lungs. Oh well - the one who loves stew took him seriously. Don't ya just hate it when that happens? Another scene - another day - can we turn around and do another take - please?

Oh here comes another of the merry travelers. It is one of the "Which Micky is that?" girls and her aunt. We greet them and then - in the distance - at the top of the pyramid steps (read restaurant stairs) is the one who was seen earlier in the day toting baskets full of salami and cheese and loads of goodies for the wolf - uh grandma - uh...our Host. Well he sort of fits in that story. Tra la la la la la la la LA la la. The sweets make his face break out you know.

Gretel has just arrived at the Pyramid. We are all overjoyed to meet her as we have heard and read so much about her (and FROM her.) The Plumber and Gretel bond and make plans for a meeting in the wee hours of the morning - to discuss cheese, photographs and why Hercules should NEVER cut his hair. (The curls in the back are so nice)
To be continued...
Click your heels and say - there's no place like home - there's no place like home"

Man we HATE when that happens.

Ahhhhhhhhh-----Into the gilded cage - uh - Palace