As we slowly flip through our books of memories... and a gazillion photos collected along the way - a particular gathering comes to mind. You are invited to read between the lines.

It was a very sunny day, in an exotic location. The Plumber and the Promoter arrived very early at the oasis and began to enjoy themselves tremendously while waiting for possible arrivals. Both enjoyed the solace and the relative silence and the hot tub.

During the evening hours of that same day - the arrivals began, from land and sea and a few from out of the blue sky. The Plumber and the Promoter attended a gathering in their tent with a few weary travelers. There was much laughing (and watching of videos) and general merry making. Soon messages were recieved from others who had finally reached the oasis during the wee hours of the morning. Hark! A message from the Spider Woman and the Phantom. Soon, they too would join us as we enjoyed food and drink in the tent. There would be laughing and singing and candles burning the midnight oil.

The next morning - we would all go to the fountain and enjoy breakfast as we waited for the arrival of one of our hosts. As the Spider Woman was just finishing off her kiddie cereal, the vagabonds began to arrive. First there were two young travelers and some merry minstrals. These travelers were followed by the one who writes the checks and THEN one of our hosts arrived! He was tired from the road and carried his laundry over his arm.(Wait! Didn't we SEE that somewhere before on an audition tape somewhere in the cobwebbed recesses of our little brains? Laundry? Hmmmm - but didn't he wear a knitted hat? So wait - that is a baseball cap - Hmmmm - OK - sorry back to the story) We watched in silence (except for one who likes stew and was making smarty comments and getting kicked under the table.) AH HA! THIS is what you GET when you allow the MEN to accompany you on your MONKEE travels - smarty comments - Hmmmm - No kiddie cereal for you buddy! (Just for the one who draws the cartoons and his side kick - the one who is mis-identified frequently -is THAT a word? well you know what we mean - and has not arrived YET.)

Just when you think things are exciting enough - WAYNE arrives - all hail to WAYNE the one who keeps us on track and ON the subject - all the time - OH MAN what DOES he have on TODAY? Gee we need to have a talk with Wayne - hehehehehe - never boring - not even close - hehehehehe. OH we certainly can AMUSE ourselves can't we? Hehehehe. Back to the story. AS we rub our eyes from the sheer overstimulation of Wayne's wardrobe. (heheheehe - sorry!)

After the morning fast is broken, the women retreat to their rooms to change into their harem (read bathing) suits. There is much gnashing of teeth due to the comparisons of - ahem - outfits. Once everyone decides that they are OK and can leave the rooms - we all go to the desert and look for beached Sea Cows and Coke machines. Relieved that none are in sight - the ladies begin to discuss the days plans and have more photos taken to add to the scrapbook of memories. Soon all are weary from walking on the desert and it is decided that we should go to the oasis. We take our dune buggy and drive back to the tent that surrounds the oasis.

Humbly we enter the oasis - and find that ONE of our Hosts has made his way onto one of the waiting lounge chairs that are always ready in Wayne's Room. It is the one who wears the skimpy black costume and talks on the cell phone constantly. The ladies of Wayne's who wear the pink costumes are overjoyed and begin to take their places. The beige women are happy that the pink women FINALLY get to gather in one place to be with their favourite host.

To be continued....................... Wayne's Room - Jonesy makes an appearance