Ah ----- there you are! If we take up the story where we last left off - I think the pink women arrived at the Oasis to find the ONE with the skimpy black costume on the cell phone. Yes - well where to start - ah, continue.

The pink women - not to be confused with the pink LADIES - cause that is another scene ENTIRELY - wait - or is it? Well, no theory today - I forgot how to add the points anyway. The theory is for the purple people who "might" be reading this and since everyone KNOWS that the "purple people" made up the "Theory of Evolution" - a la Monkees that is, so we will not even start that arguement. Anyone seen Kevin Bacon lately anyway?

OK back to the story. The ONE and only was at the Oasis - in his skimpy black costume - talking on the cell phone. The Spider Woman and her side kick - The Phantom - were busy discussing if their host needed to be bothered with some of the nice - and NOT SO NICE - things that have been recorded on the WEB lately. Hmmmm. The Lost Angel and her side kick - the real Angel - were sitting quietly along side the Oasis pool - as Angels often do. The Promoter and The Plumber were busy not missing anything - through their dark and mysterious glasses, as they are known to do - frequently - again quietly - but with a lot of attitude. LOADS of attitude. Everything was total bliss at the Oasis - until...

Ah ha! Who comes here? (Is that who goes there? Well we don't care - this is OUR story and we love to use poetic liscence - and maybe a few spelling typos to see if you are paying attention?) Ahhhh- it is one of the Merry Minstrels! The one with the deep sounding guitar - or the host's sidekick. Maybe this minstrel has come to rescue the Host from Wayne's???? Naaaa.... why would anyone want to do that?! Hehehee! Ok - so the Minstrel sits down and then he goes over to talk to the Spider Woman - cause they do that sometimes. Everyone at Wayne's says hello. Our Host continues to talk on the cell phone and make IMPORTANT calls - as hosts are usually doing these days. AND then! The WRONG PETER calls to our host out of his tent window! Hello there ---------! (insert the name of the host) Well you get our drift, right?
Yes, the Oasis at Wayne's was a busy place this hot afternoon. Now where is WAYNE? Maybe at a fashion show? Sorry - amusing ourselves again. We LOVE WAYNE - so we can pick on him ok? OK!

Oh yes - our host bounds up to the WRONG PETER'S room and they discuss things for a while. Things like maybe who is gonna wear the pink dress tonight? Or "is it MY turn or YOUR turn to dress up like Mrs. Brown's lovely daughter?" - or BOBBY's GIRL?

Finally our host returned to the Oasis. About that time the Spider Woman decided SHE was hot - and so she pushed the Promoter INTO the pool. Being the "quiet, calm and dignified" (who are we talking about here?) person they are, the Promoter did not even lose their sunglasses when falling into the pool. Or her Coke. Oh yes - there was a Coke machine on the desert - the Promoter and the Plumber OWN it - hehehehehe - thirsty? The Promoter was not amused - neither was the Plumber. The Promoter removed herself from the pool, wrung out her Coke and wiped off her sunglasses - making a mental note NOT to get close to the Spider Woman if she is in close proximity of the Oasis pool.

Finally after a lot of conversation IN and around the pool at the Oasis - the women of Wayne's decided it was time to dress for dinner. They would make a stop to greet their host before they left him to his cell phone. The contents of that conversation are - of course - private - but "Diggie" probably REALLY wouldn't mind - would he?

To be continued...Through the desert to the Pyramid
Do we HAVE to go HOME?