Our Host and the (Wrong) Peter soon found themselves in the throne room of the gilded cage. The Women of Wayne's (pink, beige and wallpaper women) and their sisters, the St. Valentine's victims, and the (Wrong) Peter Women, formed a virtual sea of color surrounding the men - accented by the waving "pink arms". The WOW's (hehehehe) were busy playing a soothing tune on their finger cymbals while the Spider Woman & TP began performing the dance of the 7 veils. The LA and the RA soon joined in the dance as the P & P looked on through sunglasses. The P & P were eating ice cream cones which had begun to melt slowly in the hot sultry air of the throne room. Spider Woman stopped her dance to began dipping strawberries in dark chocolate as it takes a lot of energy to lose 6 veils. The Phantom was put on the look out for Benny the Snitch, Cool Whip Chick, She, Plaster Woman and Lingerie Lady, since they are constantly getting Wayned as you should remember. The Phantom was taking great care to watch out for Benny the Snitch since she loves strawberry poptarts. (Speaking of WAYNE - he now has official photographers - hmmmmmmm - maybe they can send us a photo of Wayne in his favourite - uh - outfit - one that would not cause the dreaded "fashion phobia syndrome" or "bagmanitis" to infect the stray men in Wayne's. Remember now - WE LOVE WAYNE.)

The Throne Room was a vast hall, filled with heavily veined marble columns and 12 foot tall palm trees, one of which had been knocked over during an indoor football game. The room was bathed in the golden candlelight of dozens of crystal chandeliers. The cut glass prisms cast light beams throughout the room. The WOW's and the SVV's were still dancing in a cue while one by one Our Host and the Wrong Peter began to sign their likenesses - thus giving a souvenir to those in court on this particular night. The WMIT? man was NOwhere to be seen or heard and the WMIT? or the SVV's began to pout.

Soon our Host and the Wrong Peter had to leave to ride their camels back to the Oasis - and to the waiting caravan that would soon embark on another journey to an exotic location further south. Our Host said his good byes and waved to the Women of Wayne's - then left in a yellow blur as there were no chimneys in site.

The Plumber, the Promoter, the Spider Woman, The Phantom, the Lost Angel, the Real Angel, Gretel, the Stew Man and the Stew Woman, The Which Micky is That? Girls, the Cartoon Man and the one who is frequently mis-identified, all made their way back to the Oasis on foot. There was a parting fete planned in the Plumber and the Promoters' tent.

The Plumber greeted everyone at the tent flap - asking for the password in a whisper as each guest arrived. Only a few imposters tried to bluff their way into the fete. Who is Sajid Kahn anyway and why would anyone even tryto get in wearing a Ethel Merman or Elvis disguise? Really - some people will try anything to crash a party. You have to watch out - next thing you know you have all sorts of nut jobs in your tent. Really. The nerve. And those legs! Who does she think she is kidding? A man - yea right - with those legs - sure - and we are St Peter. Not even close. The Spider Woman was hapily serving beverages. "Oh hello there deah - care for some tea - pralines? mint julep?" Yes the Spider Woman was in her element. It would only be moments before the wierd relatives and loved ones would be paraded out for show and tell. We all have them you know. The Promoter - as usual - had planned the entertainment for the evening. The Plumber was heard snickering "show off" and laughing at some program that she has seen about two dozen times. The Plumber and the Promoter need to get out more often it seems. Maybe further south - where the water is so clear that you can see the little fishes in the pond, especially the different little fish. Hmmmmmmm.

Soon Gretel was at the door - but not the wolf - uh Grandma. Gretel was so happy to be in the same Oasis as her favourite host. She left the basket of goodies for Grandma - uh the wolf - at the fountain where we had all gathered earlier in the day. The Plumber and Gretel silently slipped out of the tent to go look for Grandma - uh the Wolf - uh Ethel - uh Elvis - well somebody they thought had not left the Oasis - yet. Gretel and the Plumber were given a map to the secret location of the caravan by the Spider Woman. The Spider Woman and the Phantom knew the location by heart and had no more use for the map.

The lovely man in yellow had now changed into his alter ego - bus man. He spied the Plumber and Gretel through the window on his camel and came down to greet them. Soon the lovely man - formerly in yellow - gave a present to Gretel - and the Plumber offered him words of wisdom about Samson's strength being in his hair. All too soon the merry minstrels called to the man in yellow and mentioned something about being late for a very important - uh - date? - it was late - well anyways it was time to esplit. The caravan began to move slowly into the twilight with only the sounds of deep laughter - and gentle snoring that would drop a house - floating out from the open windows.

Gretel decided to return to the fete tent to make plans for her funeral, as she mentioned something about dying happy. The Plumber looked up quickly for falling objects as she had been reading too many fairy tales and had chicken littleitis - or maybe that was the Promoter - or the Phantom - who have chicken littleitis. The Plumber and the Spider Woman will see about their condition in the not too distant future.

While back at the tent - the Promoter and the Spider Woman were busily finishing off the rest of the pralines and looking for replacements. (Yeah right)

The beginning has arrived...

TAILS F l y i n g Monkeys...