When last we left you - we were in a wonderful place with a pyramid and sand surrounding a lovely little oasis. After the gathering was over - we all went back to our own little havens in the world of MONKEES CENTRAL - and we became very lonely and missed each others company. It was soon decided that another gathering had to take place to ring out the old year - which has been so wonderful for all of us. It was decided by the Plumber - that we MUST all find our way to another tropical haven - and another oasis - and again we would chant and sing and play the finger cymbals at the court of ONE of our favorite fellas. The one with the cell phone and the NEW skimpy blue costume.

The arrivals begin:
First - but never last - THE PLUMBER finds her way into the beautiful blue watery world that has been selected for this particular court. The Plumber is one of the only women of Wayne's who arrived ON TIME and at the right place! And with a smile on her face and a good story in her heart to make everyone laugh when they are down. We love the Plumber!
Next comes the LOST ANGEL and the REAL ANGEL - The ANGELS have arrived in their shiny red car - complete with the appropriate MUSIC to match any mood - or mood swing - or swinging mood - whatever.

Next comes THE PROMOTER - lost - missed the plane - wrong hotel TWICE - but hey - a happy camper to be anywhere but HOME! Well what do you expect when you did not make any of the arrangements? The Promoter was glad to end up ANYWHERE that the kind soul - (the Plumber) wanted to send her!

Next arrives the SPIDER WOMAN and her trusty side kick - the mysterious PHANTOM. The Spider Woman has also ended up at the wrong hotel - but luckily finds one of the merry minstrels who directs her to the RIGHT hotel and the on-going party! This is what you get when you send the Spider Woman for replacements - she peels grapes good baby.

We interrupt this story for the following message: URGENT!