The PFG Dictionary....or MonkeespeakPFG

The following words are not in alphabetical order....since you don't know what you're looking for - it doesn't make any difference if you can spell it or not!

Boring - Anything that has to do with David Jones acording to Ken Wilkinson. In other words "if it not about ME it is definately boring. David Who?"

"I was the only Monkee" -Response given by one Peter Tork when being told "you were my favorite Monkee!"

"Are you kidding? I was born for this!" - Answer given by same Monkee discussed previously when collecting kisses and the general outpouring of love from beauty queens who also insist on thanking him whilst doing so.(This phrase was in great use on May 24th of this year.)

"In the world"-The general answer given by one David Jones when being reminded that he is the number one tambourine player.(This sultry answer was also given to a lucky PFG member.)

Get Over It -The answer to any question you have been asked at least a billion times. Example: Where's Mike - why is the movie not out yet - when will you tour again - etc.

Critic -Generally, one who is tone deaf and has absolutely NO sense of humor. There are a few exceptions.

god (little g) -Mike Nesmith to the Brazilians, because they believe but have never seen.

HOT -The way the guys look when on stage - both figuratively and literally.

HELP!! -"I'm stuck on a tour bus in the middle of a traffic jam in (Chicago) and I should have brought more videos for the kids to watch on the bus between cities! Get me some more videos!" (You know who you are!)

OJ - A diversonial tactic that allows one to use the office copy machine undetected.

Get a Life!- The response to outta control fans who won't let the guys eat, sleep, walk, finish a song or get to a bathroom in peace without wanting something or other.

CD -Another way to sell us all of the albums we already have in every other format possible. (But hey, they are nice!)

Just Us - also spelled JUSTICE - You know the meaning of this one - let's just hope the critics can understand as well.

"I'm much happier now that I've become a commercial whore" - You can't beat 'em (read us, them, whoever you think this is about,) so you might as well join them. Or money is nice to pay the bill and I've been poor and I've been rich and rich is easier.)

Scientific research -The huge amounts of study necessary to paint - or truly appreciate artwork.

Eat dirt, be shot - What "those of you who are not here - and you know who you are" should do with themselves.

Real love- Not that Barry White sh-t. (courtesy of JLStanley)

The State Wisconsin-The state where the weather hates you so much it kills you - (also courtesy of JLS)

PseudoTork - Shane Wordenís alter ego.

We donít need no stinkiní badges! - The wrong answer to give when security asks for your back stage pass. This includes the mayorís wife and major sponsor reps.

Good Looker - Peter, Peter, Peter! Despite his admonition to the contrary.

The Major Babe - As in the convention of the same name - or one David Jones.

Donít say anything and maybe youíll get away with it--- What you should do when trying to get another item autographed and you already have one. (courtesy of a back stage VIP)

A little jog - The half a block between where you are - and where youíre supposed to be (in Chicago)( courtesy of Princess Lasting Impressions)

A "block" - In Winston-Salem, anywhere from the distance between two stop lights and the distance between two counties.

Marsha, Marcia, Marsha - She who controls the two way radios and who got the wrong Monkee for the prom.

Pop Tarts - The "official" food of PFG Road Trips.

Pulling a Wayne - What PFG members type/say when anyone gets off the subject of the guys - as in "excuse me - what does this have to do with (pick one: David, Peter, Micky, Mike)?"

I'm painting - The general answer given by women in various David, Peter, Micky, Mike chat rooms who are actually having more fun "typing" about them - than doing anything at home.

Pink, beige, stucco, wall papering - The various colors selected by several gang members - the plumber, the promoter, the dancer, spider woman, the visitor, the big man, lasting impressions, lost angel and benny the snitch.

Singing "Daydream Believer" whilst on your knees and (wife/girlfriend) is typing to her friends on line - The general answer to this type of behavior is : "that doesn't get it ________ (insert name of man who is begging) - I'd rather type about David/Peter.

Got any definitions of your own to add to the dictionary? We will be adding words from time to time - so keep yourself up to date on the latest in Monkeespeak!

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