Freddy and Noodles on "I Want to be Your Davy Jones"

Monkees Central "asked the questions" and we recently "received the answers" from two of the members of Sorethumb! Here are Freddy and Noodles - in their own words - in response to our "never a dull day here at Monkees Central" questions!"

Hi folks,
Sorry it's taken us so long to respond to your Davy Jones questions. Freddy finally had some time to write down some answers. Also, we have just gotten back from a two-week gig down at Margaritaville where I didn't have any access to e-mail.

Were you a Monkees fan when you were younger - or did DJ just inspire you to write "I want to be your Davy Jones" because of his celebrated status as a ladies man?

Freddy - Growing up, I did like many of the Monkees songs and I did catch their tv show on occasion. But I was a true fan of the "other" fab-four.

When did you contact David about the song? and the possibility of doing a video?

Noodles - I started pursuing Davy around the end of '96, first by finding Maggie McMannus, then eventually his manager Ward Sylvester.

What was his initial reaction?

Noodles -After hearing the song, he found it very funny and agreed to appear in the video.

We know DJ lent you the famous "tweety bird" (yellow ) suit - were there any other of DJ's outfits that particularly interested you? Or any funny stories that he might have told you about any of his clothes?

Freddy - As far as the famous "tweety bird" suit (I didn't know there was a name for it) during the shoot Davy came up with the idea to raid his wardrobe case. He had me trying on many different pieces until he hit upon the "tweety bird" suit. Now, I would receive the power I'd been looking for!

How long did it take you to learn to do the "Davy" dance and now that you have received lessons "from the man himself" - do you have any plans on using this technique to impress women?!!!!

Freddy - Well I never actually could get down the Davy Dance. In the video Davy does the Davy dance, I do the Jules Radino dance. (he's our drummer)

Will the video be aired on MTV - VH1 or other stations? Or just be available as a product that can be ordered? If it is to be broadcast - please tell us the first air date!!

Freddy - We have just finished up recording for our new album. (that's why it took so long to get back to you, sorry! sorry! sorry!) We have recently signed with SLAB Recordings and our CD & video will be released in the very near future. A tour is planned after.

Who were some of your musical influences and when did you first start playing and writing music?

Noodles- Beatles, Beatles, Beatles

Would you trade places with DJ now that you know he has always had, and still has a huge following ( and millions of women who are madly in love with him) through the years? (And remember only a few men can handle this type of mass adoration and survive - there are 3 others who can take it - any desire to sub. for Mike on occasion?)

Freddy - Let's see... the other three would be Wilt Chamberlain, Tom Jones and... me I guess!! (Ed note: Not even close - The Tork, Dolenzio and Papa Nez - well maybe we will "consider" you since you had the "good taste" to acknowledge one of "the best that ever was" - in their own bag of course.)

Does Sorethumb "play their own instruments" - or do you borrow yours too? (He he he - just kidding) - Who got the tambourine and the maraccas on the CD cover? Did DJ play his own - or borrow yours?

Freddy - Davy used the same tamborine & marracca's as pictured on the Ep cover.

Thanks again, (:~) Noodles

Thanks to you! Freddy and Noodles and best of luck with the new record deal and tour!

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