The women of Wayne's room are on a mission - to actually gather in one place - at one time - and talk. No flying IM's, no buddy chats, no keyboarditis... We are ready to get our harem (read bathing) suits on and gather together. We know where the rendezvous place is - "a little out of the way place where almost nobody ever goes," Southeastern branch. We have traveled from afar - and awide - through the air and on land and sea to the place (city) that has been selected by the one who decides these types of things (read agent.) We will gather when the sundial has reached the fifth hour. We will have the password on our lips (which party are you with?) - Wayne will usher us into the designated area. The Plummer will ACTUALLY be handing out favors - The Dancer will be flying in from across the desert at great expense to measure everyone for their costume. The Spider Woman will be spinning her webs and The Phantom will be doing damage control as always - with her level head and sense of decency and fair play. There will be food and drink and rounds of deserts - (including some cool whip for the dancer.) There will ALSO be bills - but we are ready - we are prepared - we shall bring our magical little plastic cards that get us into all sorts of "places that we have absolutely no business being." There will also be non stop chatter and high pitched giggling and squeals. The men who made it into our little haven will be outnumbered - as always. They will TRY to blend in and laugh along with us. They are a hardy lot and we appreciate them. When you think about it - these guys are actually PRETTY smart.

When we are finished TALKING, all the ladies (and even some stray men who found their way into our domain) will travel from the pyramid to our second location for the evening. We are going to visit one of our hosts. We will be dressed in our finest harem suits (read dresses) and we will sing! We will hand our vouchers to yet another Wayne at the door - He will escort us to the front of the room where we shall sit together and wait - There will be no typing but maybe some chanting - "We want Daaaaaavy! We want Daaaaaaavy! You got the "Wrong" Peeeeeeeter You got the "WRONG" Peeeeeeeeeter!" (Don't ya HATE it when you get the WRONG Peter?) OH and that other fuzzy guy - who is he - wait his name is NOT EVEN MICKY? What are they trying to pull over on us? Like we don't recognize these guys - hey (hey, hey)We HAVE GLASSES!(well some of us) AND WE weren't born yesterday! We will be transported back into the days of our youth (which was only last week) and we will again wear flowers in our hair and sway to the music in glorious harmony. There will be no petty jealousy - we will have love and understanding in our hearts. And refunds on our minds if they try to pull this WRONG PETER stuff on US again! hehehehe- Ain't nothing like the REAL THING BABY! NOTHING like the real thing - (sing it again like you mean it... (we do)oooooohhhhhhhhh

After we have payed homage to ONE (thank GOD) of our hosts - we will again move to the third location for the evening - A virtual oasis in the middle of a very sandy place - with lounge chairs for our hosts - IF they choose to be in attendance. This final location will be the last stop on our mystery tour - where daydreams are found in abundance - AND have been known to materialize in our midst - we shall wait - and talk and look for you to find us. The Plummer will have a cool drink to give you when you end your search - The Dancer will have a towel for you to wipe your brow and The Promoter will watch through sunglasses. We hope to see you - we need new food for thought - and the legend - which has now continued for over 30 years - and still continues - when we find our way back together again. Again we wait...

The wait is over - first installment.