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Michael participated in the Monkees reunion tour of Great Britain in the spring of 1997 to the delight of British fans. Those here in the States can only hope that we might be fortunate enough to witness a reunion concert in the future. Maybe one on the East Coast for those who couldn't get to California? You know, it never hurts to ask nicely!

The Monkees reunion album, "JUSTICE," has become a new favorite for Monkees fans. Micky has given Michael the lions share of the credit for getting the project off the ground and into record stores. Most fans feel that many of the cuts off the CD could have made their way onto the music charts as singles. Hopefully some of the songs from the video "JUSTUS" will find their way onto MTV or VH1. Many fans feel that "JUSTUS" could go much, much farther if just given the right promotion.

With the Monkees special and the Monkees documentary completed, one can only hope that the Monkees movie will be next!?!

Michael's screenplay for the Monkees TV special met with mixed reviews. Many fans loved the fact that the plot was "there was no plot," and some felt that the concept was too obscure for many viewers. As a result the fans are somewhat divided on their feelings about the program. The staff is also somewhat divided in their appreciation of the show- most of us loved it - a few felt that the program was not the vehicle the Monkees needed to make their return to prime time television, however clever the writing might be.
The videos that were filmed for "Regional Girl", "You and I" and "Circle Sky" were wonderfully creative visual pieces that properly endorsed "the world's first video band." Nobody does it any better.

Photos - Henry Diltz and Monkees Central & Friends.

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