The L.B. and George page

Still wishing the "clone store" were a real deal? Well here is the closest thing yet!

L.B. Fisher landed the role of the young Peter Tork in the movie "Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story." Those of us here at Monkees Central think he had the right stuff even though we admit "ain't nothing like the real thing baby." (if you are reading this, PT) Yummy L.B. even had that Peter "glow" going on and some Peter moves - so maybe we can skip the trip to the clone store - unless of course they "really" succeed. L.B. is the closest we have seen so far, with the lead guitar player in the band "Big Wreck" a close second.

Here is George as Davy with his 1966 season hair style. All the Davy women admit that the real Davy with the 1967 hair cut - or the famous DAVY cut - is the best looking thing they have seen in a life time. George had the job of portraying a man that some women believe has the most beautiful (male) face God created. George was really working on the Davy Jones dance too - did a good job. Hey if WE like you guys - and WE are PICKY cause we ARE the Monkee women - then you did a damn good job.

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OH! So, you want to know why we don't have those other guys in the movie on this page? This is the "Petah" and "Jonesy" site, remember?