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1998 and 1999 mini reviews

David was in great spirits at his appearance in Myrtle Beach, SC (summer '98)and even did a PUBLIC autograph session immediately following the show in the Palace Theatre Lobby! David put on a great show which included Monkees hits "Daydream Believer" and "Valleri", as well as Jones' compositions, "It's Not Too Late" and "I'll Love You Forever".

David wore the "tweety bird" suit from the '97 tour and was in fabulous form.

The JonesMafia was in attendance with their JONESMAFIA buttons - (JonesMafia -"Once you're in - you're in" - DJ) AND there were also a few anonymous ladies wearing "Don't ya Hate it When you get the Wrong Peter? (and which Micky is that?) BUTTONS! A great time was had by everyone at the gathering at the Hard Rock Cafe, during the show and afterwards at the hotel.

Stay tuned for photos from the concert and fan gathering!

Monkees Central was fortunate enough to speak to David in Dec. '98 and we were told that David has recently written about a dozen new original tunes for a new album. David is very interested in persuing his solo career and is excited with his new material. He currently has no plans for any future Monkees, theatre or any guest appearances on TV series. He is also looking forward to spending much of January and February in Florida with his horses - training and entering competetions. He told the house at the venue in Clearwater that he will soon become a resident of Florida. David was in great spirits during his entire stay in Florida - speaking to the many loyal fans that gathered to see his performance as well as signing autographs. David was very gracious and seemed very pleased with the great turn out of fans and friends that supported him in Florida! It was great to see you David - and you looked and sounded GREAT! Thanks so much!

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