James Lee Stanley - Reflections

on life, music and friendship

Peter’s first impressions at meeting you - this skinny kid who got this beautiful waitress to put down her tray and boogie right back at him - have gone on the record in newspaper interviews. What were your first impressions of Peter?

that he played well and that we connected instantly and apparently for life

When did the two of you first begin to play music together - and when did you realize that a duo effort could be a probable outcome?

we did some songs that very week at an open mike. it was after the sthh cd was done and peter wanted to go out, that he invited me and i suggested that we learn a few songs together--that evolved this.

Do you have a favorite song or songs written by Peter and vice versa?

not really

Are there any moments or particular days during the Two Man Band tour that stand out in your mind as being highlights of the tour?

the show in nashville was quite wonderful for me and the show in ann arbor, the show in rockford--no, i guess i liked them all.

After being on the road for extended periods of time- what do the two of you do to keep the friendship healthy and everyone happy? Any tour rules that would be entertaining to the fans? (And keep in mind that this is a G rated newsletter - send the real answers to the staff!)

no, we got on each others nerves, made each other crazy and laughed to find that none of that diminished the love we have for each other. no one can do three months in one car with someone and not get a little crazy. the new rules are: only two weeks at a time.

James, when did you first realize that you wanted to play music? Was there a career that eluded you that is not realized as of yet, or are you living out your dream?

i have always sung and played an instrument, i never envisioned doing anything else. i would like to have some music of mine playing around the globe at the same time, so i guess i would like to have one monster hit.

We are aware that you are a visual artist as well as a performing artist. Is visual artistic expression an important part of your life, or something that you do to unwind?

i've always painted and sketched and carved wood and i just do it when i feel like it, which isn't as often at home as it is on the road. more free time out there.

Does Peter have any hidden talents that would surprise his fans?

Do either of you have any interest in recording a second duo album? Or any future plans for another tour together?

the first album and tour was an accident, tho the idea wasn't. i was already working on a two man band album with my friend michael smith (we did racing the moon, three monkeys, man in the mirror together), but peter's project came along and so i'll be finishing the album with michael in january. i want to do five or six different two man band albums with five or six different friends.

How about any more solo projects in the works for either of you? Maybe the Two Man Band Movie - we think it would be a hit! ( “Klinging Singons” would be a nice title! he he he)

i am in the middle of a guitar and voice album and have recorded four or five things for my next regular album.

Peter and you have been friends for over 30 years. Many of us on the staff have similar long term friendships that are pretty much to the unconditional level. Are you and Peter more like brothers, or friends who compliment each other and could finish the others sentences if necessary?

all of the above

Is there any message that you would like to get out to the fans - here is the soapbox - be our guest.

love one another, forgive one another, respect one another, and give each other a little more room to be human.

And Peter ? anything he would like the fans to know - or help with - or stop cause they are driving him crazy?

peter hates flashbulbs, fans who want too many hugs, fans who aren't considerate of peter or other fans and people that think because they saw peter sing, they now have a relationship with him.

You and Peter both live in California at the present time. Is there anywhere either of you would like to visit for an extended period of time - as in- what do you really like better, sand- red mud - or snow?!!

i could live in oregon, washington, montana, new york state, massachusetts, vermont/new hamshire, north carolina, damn i love most of the places i've been.

What are your goals for Beachwood and where do you see yourself and the company in 5 or 10 years?

hopefully helping other people to make the kind of intelligent, musical kind of stuff that i think that i make. i would like a major label to distribute the label as it is an enormous amount of work.

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